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  “Take the turn to heaven” will help you to understand more about heaven and hell, the afterlife and the connection with your current life. This book deals with several important matters in a way that’s clear and to the point. Are you not a Christian but are you interested in what the Christian faith is about? Then this will certainly be very useful as an introduction that will take Sla af naar de hemel coveryou to the core in an easy way. The principles that are covered and explained by “Take the turn to heaven”, will also be useful for people that are already followers of Jesus Christ. And can help you to share it with others.Order now

Order nowIf you want to get your own copy, you can use the following link. Via this site (www.boekenbestellen.nl) you can do the purchase and they will arrange the shipment of the book. There you can also find and order the Dutch version named "Sla af naar de hemel".

Church or group
  Because this book is a short and clear introduction to the core of the Christian faith, it could serve well as a tool for evangelism. To give it away to people who are interested (during a campaign, outreach or in your service), or offer it for a small amount. However, “Take the turn to heaven” can also be used for church members to learn to understand certain principles. And also to help them how they can share these principles with and explain it to others.

If you want to use the book for (one of) these purposes, then it would be better to purchase a larger amount. When the amount is large enough it will be possible to get a cheaper price per book. Please use the email address to get in contact, if you want to place a large order or want more information.

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