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About the person
Paul Meijerink is the author of “Take the turn to heaven” which is his first book. He lives in the Netherlands where he was born and raised in and near Amsterdam, in a small town called Diemen. Paul MeijerinkPaul MeijerinkI have been a Christian for almost my entire life, as a kid my parents took me and my two younger brothers along to church. I think I was around 14 years old when I made a personal choice to accept Jesus as my Saviour and as my Lord and got baptized. For me it was not a sudden change, it was more like a gradually and natural process. I always believed in God.” From the beginning Paul was a member of the local evangelical church in Diemen (“Evangelie Gemeente Diemen”, www.veg-diemen.nl). Soon he got involved and helped with all kinds of things, from displaying the texts of the songs, to the preparing and clearing of the room that was used for the services. While this is still a part of his activities he is now also appointed as elder. And from time to time he preaches from the Word of God. Paul also created a website in order to reach out, to people that only learned to be focused on this world and life: www.the-afterparty.nl

About “Take the turn to heaven”
When I was reading “Driven by Eternity” from John Bevere. I was triggered by the strong images that he used to picture how awful the hell is. At the same time I was asking myself the question: but how many people are maybe not even aware of this? I wanted to share what I’ve come to know about matters like the afterlife and heaven and hell, based on the Bible. I’m convinced that the idea for the title and the content of this book were inspired by the Holy Spirit. Also to write it in English first, instead of Dutch, so that more people can be reached. My wish is that this book may find its way to many people, to help them find their way to God through Jesus.

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